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Origanum vulgare

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Hippocrates, the father of medicine, used oregano as a cleansing agent as well as for digestive and respiratory support. High in antioxidant activity, oregano contains phenolic acids and flavonoids.

Common uses Origanum vulgare essential oil, Athlete´s Foot, Calluses, Candida, Canker Sores, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ebola Virus, Fungal Infections, Immune System, Inflammation, Intestinal Parasites, MRSA, Muscle Aches, Nasal Polyp, Parasites, Plague, Pneumonia, Ringworm, Staph Infection, Vaginal Candida, Viral Infections, Warming, Warts, Whooping Cough.

Enhanser and equalizer, can cause extreme skin irritation.  Dilute and take in capsules.  Use as flavoring in cooking.

Dilute 1:3, one drop essential oil to at least three drops carrier oil, when used topically.  Dilute more heavily for children over six or for those with sensitive sking.

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