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Buy One, Get One Specials BOGO Global

Buy One, Get One Specials BOGO dōTERRA Global by Rafael A. Vilagut, rafaelvilagut@gmail.com

dōTERRA offers CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils.  Why oils? Therapeutic grade oils are a great support for your body checkout this short intro to oils and some of the benefits.

Healthy Lungs

BOGO is an acronym for Buy-One-Get-One free offers.  The BOGO limit is 5 per account per day.
Each BOGO is only good for 24-hours. A great way to save on shipping is to get together with friends and place one order.

Our first deal will start Monday 17 July at 0:00 CET. Be sure to like our Facebook page and check it each day to see the BOGO deal of the day. Remember these deals will be exclusive to Europe and some other countries: Costa Rica, etc.

How to Order Wellness Advocates, Wholesale Customers Europe, Costa Rica, etc.:
1. Go to www.mydoterra.com/718436 and sign into the shopping cart.
2. Go to your LRP template or create a new LRP order.
3. Add the BUY item to your cart (the FREE item will be added later).
4. Go to Cart.
5. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to checkout.
6. The FREE item will automatically be added to your order.
7. Select ‘Process Order Now’.

Bogo Europe

The dōTERRA Europe BOGOs are available to all Wellness Advocates, Wholesale Customers and Retail Customers in the Europe market only.

How to Order, Retail Customers in the Europe market only.

1. Go to Doterra Europe 
2. Select ‘International’ from the top menu and click on ‘Europe (All)’
3. Click on the ‘Shop’ icon in the center of the page
4. Select Language and Country then click ‘Start Shopping’
5. Add the BOGO item to your cart
6. Go To Cart
7. Returning Customers ‘Sign In’; New Customers ‘Create Account’
8. Go To Cart
9. Click ‘Continue’ to proceed to checkout
10. Select ‘Process Order Now

Shipping Info:

Country Standard Service* Premium Service*
UK £4.00 £7.50
Ireland €7,00 €12,00
Mainland Europe €7,00 €12,00
Country Premium Service*
Norway €15,00 (Parcels are shipped every Wednesday and Friday)
Switzerland €15,00
Israel €25,00
Iceland €25,00

dōTERRA Customer Services Contact Details:





+42 228882251


+45 89881085


+31 208085094

English (Ireland)

+35 316917051

English (United Kingdom)

+44 2033180064


+33 182888834


+49 3056796808

German (Austria)

+43 720115368

German (Swiss)

+41 435082878


+36 18088058


+47 21959499


+421 233056269


+39 0426270026


+35 1308800575


+34 911235514


+38 682880204


E-mail only


E-mail only

Also dōTERRA Andorra, dōTERRA Bulgaria, dōTERRA Croatia, dōTERRA Cyprus, dōTERRA Finland, dōTERRA Iceland, dōTERRA Greece, dōTERRA Liechtenstein, dōTERRA Latvia, dōTERRA Luxembourg, dōTERRA Romania, dōTERRA Malta, dōTERRA Monaco, dōTERRA Poland, dōTERRA Global Access.

While the vast majority of dōTERRA Wellness Advocates are focused on the use of essential oils for the benefit of their family and friends, for those dōTERRA Wellness Advocates that desire to focus on developing a "for profit" business by working full time and achieving the leadership ranks, there is a significant earnings, for more details please contact us

USE dōTERRA 718436


📧 Email Us! Click "Contacto"

WhatsApp! +506-8320-6097 Costa Rica

Speak English, Se habla español un poco de catalán, portugues, italiano y francés y también inglés!

Para comprar aceites esenciales doTERRA CPTG, en España, instrucciones: llama al número +34 911 235514 ¿Necesitas un patrocinador, IPC? Indicas IPC: 718436, Rafael Vilagut, así de facil! Problemas con tu orden, contacta me.

Castellano - Catalán - Inglés

Información de envio a Europa:

dōTERRA Standard Service* Premium Service*
dōTERRA GB £4.00 £7.50
dōTERRA Irlanda €7,00 €12,00
Europa Continental €7,00 €12,00

dōTERRA Premium Service*
Noruega €15,00
Suiza €15,00
Israel €25,00
Islandia €25,00

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