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Most popular ways to learn about Essential Oils

Consider exploring some of dōTERRA's most popular ways to learn about Essential Oils usage:

Official dōTERRA Product Tips Blog An excellent place to learn about product promotions, product features or product success stories.

Official dōTERRA Facebook Page The best place to connect with dōTERRA on Facebook, get product information, and to connect with dōTERRA product fans, friends and more.

Official dōTERRA Tools Site An “all-in-one” site with downloadable Product Information Pages, Imagery, Product Presentations and more.

Official Site A site that hosts trainings, event listings, news and information.

Official dōTERRA YouTube Channel When dōTERRA creates a new “official” video, this is often the first place it is made available.

Official dōTERRA Pinterest Page See how dōTERRA is being shared on Pinterest--get ideas on how to share dōTERRA, products, product uses and more!

Official dō site Designed for anyone who is curious about dōTERRA and wants a high-level overview of the company.

  1. Essential Oils for beginners
  2. Aromatic Use of Essential Oils
  3. InternalUse of Essential Oils

Very Important

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