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Jesse Singh Ranking: dōTERRA takes the top spot as of right now making it the #1 MLM

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Jesse Singh
Ranking: dōTERRA takes the top spot as of right now making it the #1 MLM 

“It can be tough to see what MLM company is actually doing well these days…

After almost a year launching the Marketing Xtreme blog, I decided to do the top 30 companies based on trends and your ability to make money in 2017.

Top 30 MLM Companies Of 2017

Below you will find my top 30 MLM companies of 2017 that were trending high this year and have great products and compensation plan so you can actually making a great income if you decide to take action of course. You can’t make money anywhere if you don’t put in the time and effort.

What I need you to do next is pay close attention and read this list to the end to see where your network marketing company falls or if you are looking for one which one you should choose.

30# Nspire Network

Nspire Network is pretty new, but has exploded this year due to the fact they have a very unique product that cater towards women, pads…

But not any pads, they got some crazy healthy stuff going. They also have erotic products and testosterone boosters for men as well.

29# MOBE (My Online Business Education)

This is a top tier program with a multi-level marketing payout that has been growing strong since 2011. It isn’t as popular as it was, but MOBE is going strong after 6 years and still dominates the top tier space with a large margin. I do believe that Digital Altitude edges over it slightly due to the fact it’s fresh and new.

28# MLSP (My Lead System Pro)

This is not a true network marketing company, but more of an affiliate program.  However, a lot of top leaders in the digital space have sprung from MLSP and have dominated other mlm companies because of the powerful tools, and leadership training you get inside of MLSP.

27# StemTech

StemTech is the only MLM in the stem cell niche. In the last 6 months alone, this company has gained 122% in popularity and have been expanding very rapidly all around the world.  It just shows you that being unique pays off big time instead of trying to compete with thousands of network marketing companies in the same niche.

26# Valentus

Valentus is another coffee based MLM company like Organo Gold, but much newer. They actually have been doing really well and had gained 80% in the last 6 months due to their great products and compensation plan.

25# Empower Network

This was basically the first digital network marketing company that took the world by storm. Launched back in 2011 by co-founders David Wood and David Sharpe, this company lost it’s
momentum once Sharpe left the company.

Sadly, most of the top leaders except for a few have stuck around, but don’t underestimate David Wood because he is still bringing the value to this date.

#24 World Ventures

This is a travel based network marketing company that targets millennials with sleek campaign that shows people posting travel pictures with “You Should Be Here” signs.

No other MLM comes close to nailing the young crowd accept Wake Up Now and Vemma, but they took a crap in 2015.

Because of that World Ventures reigns supreme in this space.

#23 Wealthy Affiliate

If you ever tell a Wealthy Affiliate member that they joined an MLM, they would get pissed off at you and call you a scam…

Even though Wealthy Affiliate isn’t really an MLM, but apparently a solution to “MLM”.

They claim they have a higher success rate, but the real studies show no matter if it’s network
marketing or affiliate marketing, the failure rate is the exact same.

They compare their companies to companies like Digital Altitude, Tecademics, MOBE, MLSP and Empower Network.

#22 Nerium

Nerium could have been huge, but due to a nasty lawsuit that divides this company, they took the 22nd spot overall in the network marketing arena.

They do still have one of the best skin care products in this industry and have badges to prove their worth: Inc. 500, DSA membership and some good sponsorships.

#21 Usana

Usana did $918 million in revenue in 2015 which lands them in the 21st spot.

They might not be as popular as they were before, but they are still going strong and very

On top of their crazy revenue, they have been voted the “50 Best Places To Work” and partnered up with Dr. Oz.

#20 Mary Kay Cosmetics

After being in the beauty network marketing business for 50 years, May Kay is still going strong as of today.

They have done over $4 billion in sales in 2014 and crossed the 3.5 million mark for distributors.

After 50 years, they are still one of the biggest direct sales companies in the skin care and cosmetics

#19 Nu Skin

Nu Skin is another billion dollar club company along side Amway and Mary Kay. With over $2 billion in yearly sales, you can see why they made this list.

Their popularity has gone down and not sure if they will make this list 5 years from now.

They do a lot of great things like donating to charity, but they are not all roses and peaches either.

Nu Skin has their fair share of scandals and affairs in the past as well.

#18 Avon

Avon did over $6 billion in revenue in 2015 and probably is the only company that truly rivals Amway in fame, fortune and size.

The bad news is their sales are dropping every year specially in North America.  Revenue dropped by 19% in 2013 and 7% in Mexico. Now when you skip forward to July of 2015, Avon sales are still spiraling downwards with a 17% drop.

Problem with Avon is they haven’t really changed must since they first launched and that’s a big no no…

#17 Arbonne

Arbonne has been selling Skin Care products for over 30 years and will soon match Mary Kay in the near future.

To this day, they are still hitting $500+ million yearly, but according to Google Trends they are really past their glory days.

That doesn’t they are going anywhere because they are constantly creating new products with science to back it up.

#16 Herbalife

Herbalife has got a lot of negative press in the past, but I do admire how they bounce right out of it.

In spite of the negativity, Herbalife is massive and is probably in the top 3 in sheer size in the network marketing industry.

The good news is the FTC decided to settle with Herbalife in the recent lawsuits so they can continue
doing business.

#15 Beachbody

Beachbody has launched great products like P90X and Insanity workout DVD’s.

They are one of the few companies actually provide great products and continue to make a killing every year.

#14 Scentsy

Scentsy has been dominating the scented candles niche for a long time. That’s because their products are innovative and have cool flameless candles.

In other words, their customers just love Scentsy products.

They have been doing $537 million in sales annually and compete directly with doTERRA for the most word of mouth marketing award.

I can see this company go another 15 years without breaking a sweat as long as they keep innovating.

#13 Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef has been selling high end kitchen gadgets for a long time and still continues to put huge numbers on the board in revenue.

They are not as popular as they once were, but people are still doing those home parties where you invite people over and show them the cool products.

Only downside is I see a lot of their products selling for huge discounts on eBay and Amazon which undercut the actual distributors.

#12 Forever Living

Forever Living has been going strong since 1978 and have made the Forbes 400, the Inc 500 and blew past the $2.6 billion in revenue.

They have been specializing in one thing…Aloe Vera and to this day a very hot topic.

Not to mention all the great health benefits you get from Aloe Vera and you see why Forever Living is crushing it over 30 years later.

#11 Isagenix

Looks like Advocare and Isagenix is neck and neck in Google trends and causing a lot of buzz lately.

To this day, they are still one of the hottest network marketing companies, but not sure what really makes them different compared to the thousands of nutri-MLM’s in this field.

The good news is they have a TON of positive product reviews on Amazon, great compensation plan and strong revenue to make this list.

#10 Amway

There isn’t much to say about Amway other than they are probably the biggest network marketing company out there (Or could be second to Avon).

They have crossed $9.5 billion and 3 million distributors worldwide. Not to mention they have naming rights to an NBA arena.

That’s pretty cool if you ask me.

#9 Wor(l)d Global Network

WGN has been dominating the wearable trends and cashing in hard!

I am not sure if they will be here in another 5 years, but they are crushing it right now.

Their latest product release has been very successful called HELO which is a health-tracking and disease-monitoring wristband. Not to mention they did $157 million in revenue and they are just getting started.

#8 Ambit Energy

Ambit Energy is pretty much like ACN, but even better.

They have hit Inc 5000 for 3 years in a row, and they keep trending even to this day.

Unlike many other companies, they promise lower, fixed prices for natural gas and electric services which really appeal to the masses.

Not everyone takes health supplements, but everyone in North America has to pay their energy bills.

#7 Young Living

Young Living is the first Essential Oils Company to pop up (yes before doTERRA) and is still red hot to this day.

Essential oils are used for wellness, beauty and clearning, and not to mention it’s all natural with a few side effects if any.

Gary Young the founder really set the quality standard for the entire essential oils industry and will be hard to beat.

#6 Advocare

Advocare would have ranked higher in this network marketing ranking, but they have had some bad PR lately.

There was a ESPN report that covered mostly the negative side to network marketing which led the readersreally to draw their own negative conclusions.

Personally I think they went a little overboard because let’s face it… news is all about negativity and
there is negative things about everything.

#5 Tecademics

Tecademics falls into the educational digital network marketing arena and is new to this marketplace.

The owner Chris Record has launched very successful companies and products before and makes this no different.

To be honest, I haven’t seen one crap product come out of him so that’s always a good thing.

#4 Digital Altitude

Digital Altitude popped out of nowhere in 2016 and has dominated the top tier network marketing arena since.

Sure they have experience products, but all of them are worth 10 times the amount they cost because you get real education and trips to exotic places for masterminds where you learn from 7 and 8 figure earners in small groups.

This company is hot and probably will be for a while.

#3 Younique

Big moves happened for Younique in 2017 where 60% of the company was sold to Coty for a massive $600 million.

This makes Younique a billion dollar company.

The good news is Younique is going stronger than ever all thanks to Derek Maxfield and the leadership.

Younique is a Utah based company that really took off in he last few years that market cosmetic home parties for women who want empowerment.

#2 Jeunesse

Jeunesse probably has the most popular video where they showed lived how their Instantly Ageless cream gets rid of wrinkles in minutes:

I personally haven’t seen anything like it and this is why Instantly Ageless cream continues to make HUGE waves.

Back in 2015, they were the fastest growing Direct Selling Association company on Inc 500 and took Alex Morton’s Vemma spot months before it went under.

It’s actually rare when the company is trending and the product works great in network marketing.

#1 dōTERRA

This has been a tough one because Young Living is the original Essential oils network marketing company out there, but due to dōTERRA’s huge growth and great products it has take the
number 1 spot hands down.

Launching in 2008, they have already a $60 million dollar headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah.

The crazy part is they started way after Young Living (2008), however they managed to grow and trend at a massive rate.

Because they have been trending up this entire time, dōTERRA takes the top spot as of right now making it the #1 MLM pick of 2017.


Network marketing companies have done a great job of giving people alternatives to jobs and regular
traditional businesses that cost a ton of money to get going.

The only down side to all the companies I mentioned above? MLM has worked for money, but hasn’t for most.

Network marketing companies mostly have good intentions, but like any industry really it’s flawed.

Let me explain:

1) Low cost to entry

The Multi-level marketing model is chosen because MLM companies are cheaper to start and run.

They do this by transferring that job to a distributor and save on average of $1,200 annually
per person.

Heck, that’s just for the training.

The problem is people get started thinking it’s cheap and they will get rich fast and realize like any
other traditional business work is involved.

In addition, the low entry costs bring out the least qualified people to start a business of their own…

2) Rigged Supply and demand

Not all network marketing companies operate this way, but many have and the FTC is starting to crack down on them.

Instead of focusing on product sales, these companies focus on recruiting new reps which is a big no
no in the FTC’s eyes.

Just take a look at what happened to Vemma and Herbalife…

You wonder why so many MLM companies re-launch or re-brand over the years? It’s because they want to get new sign-ups.


1)Products and Marketing

You think I was going to just bash these network marketing companies? Think again!

I am 100% PRO network marketing and this is why…

You can start a home business where you don’t have to create your own products or marketing

In other words, you can piggy back off the network marketing company and focus on just generating

Think of this for a moment…

How much will it cost for you to create your own product, create the marketing behind it, and create a
store location for it?

TONS of Money…

2) You can make a lot of money

I know there is a high failure rate, but that’s not just for network marketing companies alone…

If you look at internet marketing, affiliate marketing, small businesses, the failure rate is the exact
same and you know why?

People don’t want to work on themselves to become a better business person…

I know there are some leaders in the industry that make it sound like network marketing is very easy
and anyone can do it…

The truth is, anyone CAN do it, and however, people don’t want to learn the necessary skills to become successful…

Closing Thoughts

Over the years network marketing companies have been bringing out better and better products and I
believe is a great way to get into the entrepreneur realm without forking out a  ton of cash.

What I do recommend you doing is honing your skills so you can become a better business person and will actually succeed in one of these MLM companies about.

Trust me, there is no competitive because 97% of the people fail due to the fact they don’t want it
bad enough.

THAT my friends, is the truth!”  Source:  http://www.marketingxtreme.net/mlm/
May 27, 2017 by Ranking the Top 30 MLM companies of 2017 That Are Trending…

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