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Juniperus communis * Enebro Común * Juniper Berry

Juniper Berry essential oil is a natural cleansing agent 
and has a calming effect to help relieve tension 
and stress. Give it a try!

Botanical Family: Cupressaceae (conifer: cypress)
Extraction Method:  Steam distilled from berries
Common Primary Uses:  Acne, Alcoholism, Dermatitis/Eczema, Kidney Stones, Tinnitus
Properties: Antiseptic, antispasmodic, astringent, cleanser, detoxifier, diuretic, stimulant and tonic.

Juniper Berry essential oil, evokes feelings of health, love, and peace and may help to elevate one's spiritual awareness.

Body Systems Affected:  Digestive System, Emotional Balance, Nervous System, Skin.

It has a clean, uplifting smell; slightly pine, but with a stronger fruity-like finish.

Oral Use As Dietary Supplement:  Juniper Berry essential oil is generally recognized as safe for human consumption in the USA.  Dilute one drop oil in one tsp. honey or in 4 oz. of beverage.  Not for children under 6 years old.  

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Enebro común - Juniperus communis - Guía de botánica - Sapeando youtube
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