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Our Scientific Affiliates & Scientific Advisory Panel

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dōTERRA® Scientific Affiliates & Scientific Advisory Panel

The mission of the Scientific Advisory Panel is to educate the general public with current and future research on meaningful contributions to education and integration of essential oils into health, scientific, and personal use environments.

Carsten Smidt, Ph.D., FACN
Vice President, Research & Development & Chief Science Officer

Seasoned leader in the health and wellness industry with a passion for creating medically sound, scientifically based quality products that make a difference in people's lives.

Dr. Carsten Smidt oversees scientific affairs, research, and product development for dōTERRA. Dr. Smidt has held executive R&D positions for almost twenty years working for leading global companies in dietary supplement, nutraceutical and medical food industries. Dr. Smidt holds a doctorate degree in Nutrition Science and Physiological Chemistry from the University of California at Davis, and he rounds out his impressive experience with superb academic credentials, many scientific publications and patents. Dr. Smidt is a fellow of the American College of Nutrition (FACN), and is holding memberships in a variety of professional associations including the American Society for Nutrition (ASN), and the German Society for Nutrition (DGE).

Tory Parker, Ph.D.
Director, Research & Development

Direct a team that provides scientific substantiation to new and existing products, including coordinating new research projects, claims substantiation and quality control. Develop innovative new products for diverse global markets based around CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, including essential oil delivery systems, skin care, household, and dietary supplements.

Dr. Parker holds a PhD in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He has extensive experience in food processing, food chemistry, biochemistry, physiology, and human nutrition. He has worked both in the supplement industry and in academia, making him uniquely positioned to understand product development, research, and the physiology and chemistry behind nutrition. Dr. Parker has a contagious passion for teaching people about the connection between nutrition and living a long life free from the early onset of degenerative conditions associated with poor lifestyle choices.

Nicole Stevens, MSc

Nicole Stevens is an essential oil enthusiast with a professional desire to increase the credibility and the scientific understanding of natural products. She has been researching the various properties of essential oils for much of her career. Nicole earned her undergraduate and master's degrees at Brigham Young University. In 2003, Nicole began working at the UNLV Cancer Research Center and completed a project looking at the possibility of using essential oils in a process called photodynamic therapy. From 2009–2010, Nicole worked at the University of Utah.

Medical Advisory Panel

Dr. David Hill
Executive Vice President, Chief Medical Officer / Chairman, Scientific Advisory Committee

For many years Dr. David Hill has utilized the benefits of essential oils in modern health practices, and as a physician he is a well-known expert in essential oils and integrative medicine. Dr. Hill partners with physicians and hospitals around the world defining and establishing the medical integration and use of essential oils in modern health practices. He fosters education and advances in essential oil science through a number of university and research affiliations providing cutting edge science for essential oil users. He is a frequent guest on many radio and televisions shows and has authored a number of books and other publications. Dr. Hill stands at the head of a new era dedicated to empowering others to take control of their own health.

Dr. Paul Winterton, MD

Paul W. Winterton is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon. He earned his medical degree from Harvard Medical School in 1993 and completed his Orthopedic Surgical Residency at the Mayo Clinic in 1998. Following residency, he completed two fellowships at The Institute For Bone and Joint Disorders in shoulder and knee reconstructive surgery/sports medicine, as well as foot and ankle reconstruction in Phoenix, Arizona.

Currently, Dr. Winterton serves on the Board of Councilors for The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons. For a number of years he has advocated the integration and practical use of essential oils in his practice. As a member of the Scientific Advisory Board for dōTERRA, he is currently researching the basic science, cell biology, and clinical application of essential oils. He is a strong proponent of the practical use of essential oils and dietary supplements in the home, as well as in the traditional western medical clinical setting, particularly with regard to bone and joint well-being.

Dr. David Steuer, DMD, MS, MMsC

Dr. David Steuer graduated with Honors in Latin Studies and Chemistry from BYU, and Magna Cum Laude from UofL Dental School. He then attended Harvard Medical/Dental School and MIT for his training in Oral Surgery and Endodontics, where he graduated in 3 years with Honors. He also completed a surgical internship in partnership with University of Penn, and Oxford, in Austria, at the KLH hospital in Graz.

He is the founder and Managing Partner of Steuer Management LLC, and Luminescent Capital Partners, LLC. Dr. Steuer served on the Board of Directors of Hemametrics Corporation, a medical research and products company, acquired by Fresenious Medical Care. Currently on The Board of TransQ Analytics, a non-invasive blood analyte determination, and on the Board of the Health Science and Technology of the University of Southern Maine, Medical School. Dr. Steuer is actively involved in researching new ways to incorporate essential oils into his practice.

Dr. James Geiger, MD

Dr. Geiger has been an anesthesiologist since 1986. He graduated from the University of San Francisco and worked in a San Francisco hospital doing cardiac anesthesia for his father who is a retired cardiothoracic surgeon.

Dr. Geiger has also been an aromatherapist since 2004 and it was in the hospital’s recovery rooms where he first noticed nurses using essential oils and aromatherapy to prevent and treat post-operative nausea. The diligent doctor was intrigued and began studying the scientific literature on the subject. He soon recognized that sciences, such as anatomy, physiology and the chemistry applications of aromatherapy, were similar to anesthesia. He was determined to figure out how to integrate aromatherapy safely into his life and the lives of others, including his operating room patients.

Much of Dr. Geiger’s time is spent doing anesthesia, serving on committees and giving lectures and webinars on the safe use of essential oils in hospitals and surgical centers to improve patient care. Currently, he is on staff at several medical centers, orthopedic hospitals and surgical centers, where he has introduced therapy with essential oils into the operating and recovery rooms.

Dr. Joshua Yorgason, MD

Dr. Yorgason, a native of Salt Lake City, Utah, is an ear, nose and throat surgeon. He obtained his medical degree at Columbia University in New York, and did his residency at the University of Utah. He has been involved in research of drug toxicity and hearing restoration in Los Angeles at the prestigious House Ear Institute, and at the University of Utah. He is currently doing an ear surgery fellowship at the Paparella Ear, Head and Neck Institute in Minneapolis, furthering his knowledge of treating hearing and balance disorders.

While in practice for the past few years, he has been supportive of alternative medicine, and has used essential oils in his practice. He founded Health & Healing Professionals, and its website protocolled.com, to promote natural treatment protocols using essential oils based on scientific and clinical research.

Dr. Jessica L.M. Herzog, MD, FAAP, ABHIM

Dr. Herzog is a board certified Holistic Integrative Medicine physician and pediatrician who is devoted to true wellness. She currently practices in York, PA and lives with her husband and three children in Baltimore County, Maryland. She completed her undergraduate degree, medical doctorate, and pediatric residency at the University of Maryland. During her studies, she was involved in research at the NIH and the University of Maryland, and although she loved the basic science, she found her true calling at the bedside of sick newborns and children. She has worked as a pediatric hospitalist in Maryland, Utah, and Pennsylvania. Wellness is a lifestyle that she demonstrates and teaches to her family, friends, patients and their families, medical students, residents, and colleagues. She is a daily user of dōTERRA essential oils. She believes that essential oils are a modern miracle of medicine that will continue to shape healthcare worldwide.

Dr. Brannick Riggs, MD

Dr. Brannick Riggs has been practicing medicine for 13 years. In 2001, he graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in Tucson while receiving some of his training in complementary and alternative medicine. He specializes in Family medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians. He currently practices in Utah and enjoys using the oils in his home and integrating them into his practice to bless the lives of his patients. Dr. Riggs is currently partnering with doTERRA in an effort to provide volunteer service with essential oils and hospice.

Dr. Daniel Leverenz, DO

Dr. Leverenz was raised in a preserved historic village on hilltop acreage in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Northern Virginia. He was imbued from childhood with a love of the earth and has always had a passion for its beauty and its gifts. Dr. Leverenz studied Biology at Baylor University and received his medical degree from the University of North Texas, participating in many service expeditions to nations of the developing world along the way. He recently completed residency training in Emergency Medicine, serving as Chief Academic Resident for the final year, and now practices full time as an attending emergency physician at a large academic medical center. He has developed a strong interest in essential oils and has devoted himself to elucidating the evidence basis for their use and promoting their role in a modern approach to health and wellness. Dr. Leverenz is married and has two beautiful children.

This information has been taken from doTERRA corporate page and LinkedIn, today November 19th, 2014.  Rafael A. Vilagut, Wellness Advocate®.

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