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Mood Matrix with Essential Oils Blends

Mood Matrix with doTERRA Youtube

Our moods are a complex interplay of emotional (no peace or no passion) and physical (stress or fatigued) components.

Depression, PMS, even behavior and attention issues can be helped by using these four amazing doTERRA oils blends.  

  1. Serenity calming blend
  2. Citrus Bliss invigorating blend
  3. Elevation Joyful blend
  4. Balance grounding blend

Watch and find out how Lynell uses these essential oils blends with her family to help them focus and pay attention in schools and get set for a good day with good behavior.  Stay centered

For more information www.mydoterra/rvilagut +506 8320-6097 Costa Rica, rafaelvilagut@gmil.com

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