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My (our) journey to healthy and happiness

#Ask doTERRA®, Cicero Group

doTERRA® sits down with Randy Shumway, CEO of Cicero Group to discuss doTERRA's strengths and potential reach. See where doTERRA ranks among competitors and where the company is headed from 2017 to 2027.

Are you excited to get a drop in your hands, on the bottom of your feet, and even in your tummy? 

We are certain you are, and we are excited for you as well. You can shop right from www.mydoterra.com/rvilagut, but wait, if you would like a 25% wholesale discount, simply click on the 'join and save' button and you will save 25% off of every purchase. You are not tied in to future commitments of purchase (we know you will want more though).

Our family Feliz y Saludable invites you to join us. Always remember, you are in charge of your health. Nobody else. You! We love that our pure essential oils create no side effects. Just awesome results.

Please join us, we would love to assist you on your journey to healthy and happiness.

A significant earnings opportunity 2017-2027: for you! The Essential Oils Industry business opportunity 2017-2027 is robust and growing. 

While the vast majority of Wellness Advocates are focused on the use of essential oils for the benefit of their family and friends, for those Wellness Advocates that desire to focus on developing a "for profit" business by working full time and achieving the leadership ranks, there is a significant earnings, for more details please contact us.

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