martes, 3 de enero de 2017

Natural Personal Care this 2017

Essential Skin Care, Salon Essentials Hair Care and doTERRA Spa:  What we put on our skin should be natural. Find out more about the new doTERRA Spa products.

doTERRA Essential Skin Care,

Veráge™ Skin Care Collection 

A collection that brings together Veráge™ Cleanser, Toner, Immortelle Hydrating Serum, and Moisturizer for beautiful, healthy skin. 


Veráge™ Cleanser 

Healthy, smooth skin begins with Veráge™ Cleanser. This all natural gel cleanser purifies skin for a fresh, youthful-looking complexion. 


Skin Care System with Anti-Aging Moisturizer
4 Product Pack
Price: $146.67

10 mL
Price: $92.67

Reveal Facial System
Two 1.7 oz Tubes
Price: $80.00

Price: $16.00

doTERRA Salon Essentials Hair Care,
Salon Essentials Hair Care System 

Salon Essentials Hair Care System is the perfect way to experience the amazing benefits of all four dōTERRA hair care products and provide a great savings. 

By purchasing the Protecting Shampoo, Smoothing Conditioner, and the Root to Tip Serum in the Salon Essentials Hair Care System, Healthy Hold Glaze comes FREE!

doTERRA Spa, 
Hand & Body Lotion (3 Pack) + EO Mood Mgmt Kit 

3-pack of Hand & Body Lotion combined with the essential oil Mood Mangement Kit (Elevation, Serenity, Balance and Citrus Bliss) This fragrance free, light-weight lotion is perfect for hydrating the skin and is perfect for mixing with any of the mood management essential oils for easy application and mood enhancement. 


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