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Shopping Essential Oils is cheap and easy

Shopping Essential Oils dōTERRA is cheap and easy - Comprar aceites esenciales dōTERRA es barato y fácil


Our pure essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health. We harness nature's most powerful elements and share these gifts through our global community of Wellness Advocates.

Nuestros aceites esenciales puros están revolucionando el mundo de las alternativas aromáticas. Aprovechamos los elementos más poderosos de la naturaleza y compartimos estos regalos a través de nuestra counidad global de Distribuidores Independientes de Producto.

Click "Join & Save/Únete & Ahorra"
Need a Sponsor ID/Necesita una identificación de patrocinador?
Use SPONSOR ID 718436/Usa ID Patrocinador 718436
Wellness Advocate Site/Sitio oficial de Consultor Independiente de Producto

ō - NEW "Wholesale Customer"
ō - Save 25%
ō - $35 to Join or FREE w/Kit
ō - No Minimum Order
ō - Free Product Program
ō - $25 Annual Renewal Fee
ō - Renewal includes Free Oil!

1. Click "Join & Save"

2. Click "Join doTERRA" button
3. Select Country/Language
4. Select 'Wholesale Customer'
....(To Become Customer)
5. Enter Your Enroller's ID
6. No Enroller? No Problem!
....Use Ours, 718436
OR ⬅️
4. Select 'Wellness Advocate'
....(To Start a dōTERRA Business)
5. Enter Your Enroller's ID
6. No Enroller? No Problem!
....Use Ours, 718436

(Frequently Asked Questions)
Do I NEED a Sponsor?
🗯 Yes, Sponsors are Required
Why do I need a Sponsor?
🗯 doTERRA is a...
🗯 Direct Sales Company
🗯 Distributors Sell Our Oils
Can I Buy from doTERRA?
🗯 Yes, this is a doTERRA site
What Site is this?
🗯 A dōTERRA Distributor site
What Sponsor ID do I Use?
🗯 Your Referrer's ID
🗯 Please Call Your Referrer
🗯 No Referrer? No Problem!
🗯 Use ID 718436
Can I Buy Oils in Stores?
🗯 No, Oils Sold Here Online
Do I have to Join?
🗯 No, but you pay 25% More
Do I have to Sell Anything?
🗯 No, Selling is Optional
Is My Soc Sec # Required?
🗯 No, Unless You Want to Sell
🗯 Req for Wellness Advocate
🗯 Select Wholesale Customer
🗯 To Join w/out Social/Tax ID
Required Monthly Order?
🗯 No, Order at Your Leisure
Is there a Minimum Order?
🗯 No Minimum or Maximum
Who Ships My Products?
🗯 Ships Direct from doTERRA
Do You Have Free Shipping?
🗯 No, But It's ONLY $3.99!
🗯 $3.99 = Economy Shipping
Who Gets Shipping Rewards?
🗯 All Members!
How Do I Join?
🗯 Use 'Join & Save' Link Above
What Does "PV" mean?
🗯 PV = Point Value
🗯 Each Product Has PV
🗯 PV Does Not Always = $$
🗯 PV is Next To Price $

USE 718436
📧 Email Us! Click "Contact Us"
WhatsApp! +506-8320-6097 Costa Rica

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